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As a part of the "Dream Builders" group, you will have access to exclusive online training through our private team Facebook group. When you join the Simon Team, I will add you to that group, to access all of the great info there.

Some of the training topics covered are:

Home Show Training

  • Your "Kick-Off" Show - launching your new Usborne business
  • Booking Home Shows
  • Hostess Benefits - the UBAM Hostess Program
  • Hostess Coaching
  • Boosting Attendance at Home Shows
  • What to Include in Packets - hostess, recruiting, and customer folders
  • What to take to a show
  • Home Show Sample Scripts
  • Beginning words to say at a show
  • Tips for HIGHER SALES
  • How to Use Order Pro Online
  • Book Bucks - What to do if a book is out of stock
  • Recruiting Training

  • Cheryl's Thoughts on Recruiting
  • Why Recruit?
  • Recruiting Tips - words that work
  • Promoting to Team Leader Requirements & Benefits
  • Bookfair Training

  • Preschool Bookfairs- The "EZ Book Fair" - Simple, successful Book Fair with no inventory needed
  • Reach for the Stars Training

    Booth Training

  • What to take to a booth
  • What to say at a booth
  • Booking home shows at booths
  • Recruiting at booths
  • PLUS -

  • DOZENS of printable flyers

  • Helpful Business Resources & More About Training

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    The Dream Builders Team is one of the TOP teams in the entire country! Our team - the Simon Dream Builders - is part of that successful group.

    What I really love about the Dream Builders is that we work together and share information to help everyone achieve success in their own personal goals. Training pages and documents have been created and contributed by Dream Builders Team Leaders and Consultants all around the country.

    Much of this information is only available to consultants on the Dream Builders Team, directly from me or at our private Facebook group page.

    Personal help: if you have an Usborne question, help is just a click away: Email me at, or send me a private Facebook message.

    As your Team Leader, I will help you with your business. Whether it's a question or help with a new idea or a specific concern - I'm here to offer support and encouragement. The best way to reach me, with questions, is by email or Facebook. Our team also has weekly teleconference training calls (Monday nights), with solid training on every Usborne topic. Additionally, we can set up a time to talk by phone, at a time that is convenient for both of us :)

    I check my email often, so please send me a detailed email and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

    You have made a decision to be a part of a great company, to sell a great product and you have a great opportunity! As exciting as running your own business is, I know it can be a lot of information to digest. Take heart that we all have been in those shoes and that you have a tremendous support system that WANTS TO SEE YOU SUCCEED!

    Your Team Leader,


    The "Write Your Own Success Story" Program

    Write Your Own Success Story is an incredible program to reward you with free and highly discounted books AND cash bonuses during your first 12 weeks of business (your "training incentive period"):

    By Day 30

    Reward Earned

    Sell $750 Net

    1/2 Kit Cost Refund

    Sell $1,500 Net

    FULL Kit Cost Refund

    In Your First 12 Weeks:

    Reward Earned

    Sell $750 Net
    You are a "Success Bound"

    Earn Success Kit #1**

    Sell $1,500 Net
    + have 1 recruit

    Earn Success Kit #2**

    Sell $2,500 net
    + have 2 recruits

    $100 in FREE product

    $3,500 net
    + have 2 recruits

    $50 CASH Bonus!

    ** Success Kits will include books and supply items valued at $50 that will enhance your business

    Download a copy of the "Write Your Own Success Story" program

    Simon Group Consultants only - I give you a FREE table-top book rack when you sell $1,500 net and have one recruit in your first 12 weeks of business!

    book rack

    These rewards are IN ADDITION to your commissions. You can also earn monthly "Home Office Challenge" prizes, cash sales bonuses, promotions, travel contests, AND have fun - while promoting the love of reading and learning!

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    Last updated 11/10/14