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Usborne Internet-Linked Books
Taking readers safely and quickly to the best sites on the Internet

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Go to the Usborne Books home page, www.BooksKidsLove.com
Usborne has the first, biggest and BEST range of
Internet-linked books on the market today

Usborne Internet-linked books save time by cutting out the search engines. They take readers quickly and safely to all the best places on the Internet through links on our award-winning master site,

These books are an invaluable resource for student's homework and projects, as teachers' resources - and - just for fun!

Students can get the experience of doing research on the Internet without the dangers and worries of safety issues with search engines.

All the websites at Usborne Quicklinks are regularly reviewed and updated.

At Usborne Quicklinks, you will find:

  • Video clips
  • Sound clips
  • Tunes to sing or play along with
  • Animated explanations of
        cycles and processes
  • Language pronunciation guides
  • Games, quizzes and puzzles
  • Coloring pages
    ~ and MUCH more!

    An exciting feature of Usborne Quicklinks are the downloadable, printable illustrations and photographs that students can incorporate into their papers or assignments. Families with children of all ages - elementary through high school - use these books to add graphics to their projects.

  • Here's what parents and teachers are saying about Usborne Internet-linked books:

    “The Usborne Internet-linked encyclopedia set is a must-have set of reference books for middle school and high school that will be a valuable asset to your home library for many years!”
    ~ Mary Beth Muldowney, Middle School Principal

    “The Internet-linked Science Encyclopedia will make learning fun for even the most reluctant student. My students especially loved the recommended website that allowed them to construct a building and then simulate an earthquake to see how their design held up!”
    ~ Kirk Schmidt, Science Teacher

    "The Internet-linked set of three encyclopedias paid for itself in one homework assignment."
    ~ Sue Hawks, Middle School Parent

    "My family loves the Usborne internet-linked books. I love them because they are such a time saver - they bring the library to your home."
    ~ Karen Hill, Middle School Parent

    The Usborne Internet-linked Encyclopedia set is a set of three high quality paperback reference books: Science Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of World History, and Encyclopedia of Word Geography.

    When purchased separately, the cost is $59.97.
    SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase the SET of all three at the price of just $52.99!

    Click here to purchase the Internet-linked Reference Set

    usborne internet-linked encyclopedia

    Here is an example of how Usborne Internet-linking works, using the Usborne book Bugs, from our Discovery series:

    1. Having purchased a copy of the book Discovery Bugs, you will find Internet-links referenced on many of the pages.

    usborne internet-linked books

    2. Go to the Usborne Quicklinks website and type 'discovery bugs' into the Keyword Search box. You can then search the links that are listed for this book by each page number.


    3. Click on the listed link to go to the recommended website. For example, for page 30 of Bugs, the reader is taken to a website about ladybugs.


    Commonly Asked Questions:

    Must I have a computer to use these books?
    Absolutely not. They are outstanding reference books without using the Internet at all.

    What happens if a site goes down?
    These sites are handpicked and researched for stability (sites from BBC, PBS, Smithsonian, etc.)  Since the unexpected is possible, and for security, each recommended Web site can be accessed quickly and safely via the Usborne Quicklinks site, where the entire list of sites is regularly reviewed and updated.

    Can I download and use the pictures and photographs?
    Yes - there are hundreds of downloadable pictures and illustrations, and all may be downloaded to your computer and printed out for your own personal, non-commercial use. For example, students may download pictures to use in a school report or project, and teachers may download pictures for classroom work. The pictures are the copyright of Usborne Publishing Ltd and may not be reproduced in print or in electronic form for any commercial or profit-related purpose