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matching literacy grant
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Literacy for a Lifetime is a matching grant program offered by the Educational Development Corporation, trade publisher of Usborne children's books and Kane Miller children's books.

Our goal is to help your organization maximize your grant money or donated funds. Usborne books and Kane Miller books purchased through the Literacy for a Lifetime program are matched with 50% in additional books for free.

matching grant for children's books

How the Literacy For A Lifetime program works:

  • If your organization, school or library uses a grant (or part of a grant) OR donated funds to purchase Usborne or Kane Miller Books, EDC (Educational Development Corporation) will match it with 50% in additional free books.

    For example, a $1,000 grant is matched with an additional $500 and the organization receives $1,500 in books. A $10,000 grant or donation purchase will receive $5,000 more, resulting in $15,000 in Usborne books or Kane Miller books for the organization.

  • There is NO cap on the amount that we will match! A $1 million dollar grant will be stretched to $1.5 million dollars with the Literacy For A Lifetime program. The minimum order to qualify for the matching grant is just $250.00.

  • The program can be utilized as often as donations and/or grants become available to the organization.

  • WE will pay the shipping costs, and the order is tax-free when your tax exempt number is provided.

  • The receiving organization or school can have full control over the selection of books from an array of over 1,800 titles.

  • A frequently asked question is, "How do we know if we qualify for the 50% matching grant?" Answer: If you would like to purchase Usborne books for your organization or school, using a grant, part of a grant, OR funds from donations (donations from businesses, parents, PTA, private donors, etc.)...then YES, you qualify. We will match your purchase with 50% more in free Usborne Books or Kane Miller Books!

    How to order and get the 50% matching grant in free books:

    LFLComplete the Literacy For A Lifetime Grant Information and Payment Options Form - download here. This form must accompany your order to qualify for the 50% matching grant of free books.

    Literacy grantChoose the books you wish to purchase, AND the 50% in additional books you want for free - View the complete online catalog here.

       If you'd like, you may download and use our blank book order form
       (or, feel free to use your own form or spreadsheet - whatever is easiest for you)

    LFLUsborneEMAIL OR MAIL us the following:

       Completed Grant Information/Payment Options Form
       List of books you are purchasing at retail
       List of books you wish to receive free with the 50% matching grant

  • OR, EMAIL to:
  • OR, MAIL to:
    Literacy for a Lifetime
    Attn: Cheryl Simon
    761 Ledge Road
    Macedonia, OH 44056

    If all of your information is complete, your book order and 50% matching grant will be processed within 2 business days, and your books will arrive within 10 days. Please allow an additional 2-5 business days for orders over $10,000.

    If you have ANY questions, please call me, Cheryl Simon, at 216-533-4488, or if you prefer, email me at I am also available to assist you with your book selections.

  • Potential Recipients:matching grant books

  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Head Start Programs
  • Educational Programs
  • Literacy Programs
  • Hospitals
  • Areas affected by natural disasters

    Literacy Facts and Statistics

  • 85% of children in the juvenile court system cannot read
  • Over 70% of adult prison inmates cannot read above the 4th grade level
  • 75% of unemployed adults have reading or writing difficulties
  • One of the national poverty indicators is having less than 25 pieces of printed material in the home
  • States where homes have more reading materials generally have higher reading proficiency

    The love of reading is the most important educational goal we can have for our children...Reading teaches language skills. Reading stimulates imaginations. Reading is important for life.

    Literacy For A Lifetime is a program that will maximize your grant or donation dollars and get books into the schools, hands, and homes of children throughout the country!

    Stretch your grant dollars or donated funds today with the Literacy For A Lifetime 50% grant matching program!

    Questions? Call 216-533-4488, or if you prefer, send an email to

    Visit my Usborne Books & More home page at

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    · Educational Development Corporation (EDC), a Delaware corporation with its principal office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the sole U.S. distributor of Usborne Books, a line of children's books produced in the United Kingdom by Usborne Publishing Limited.

    · Educational Development Corporation is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ (EDUC). We are dedicated to providing the best educational children's books available in the marketplace. The Usborne product line encompasses over 1,800 titles incorporating history, science, nature, beginning and juvenile readers and foreign languages plus much more. They are lavishly illustrated, award winning, critically acclaimed and are in widespread use in educational institutions as well as in the home.

    In December 2008, EDC acquired and is now the trade publisher of Kane Miller Books, a line of award-winning fiction children's books from around the world. The philosophy of Kane Miller is to introduce children to books from other countries, cultures and communities.

    · EDC was recognized as one of Fortune Small Business Magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Small Public Companies. EDC has also been recognized by Forbes magazines as of the 200 Best Small Companies in America.

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